Temper Tantrums and Choosing Joy

If you are one of the other billion people who were at the Hobby Lobby on McDermott and 75 today and saw me, well…. I’m sorry. Let’s just say I wasn’t in the best mood. I am convinced that half that store was trying to get me to punch them right smack in the nose.

First there was the chick with her mom who kept coming to a DEAD STOP and taking up the teeny tiny aisles to small talk. I couldn’t pass her and she clearly didn’t care that I was just hanging around waiting for her to keep moving on her merry way. When she finally edged forward far enough for me to squeeze by (as I was exhaling loudly and rolling my eyes), she gave me the stink eye like I was really putting her out with my attitude.

Come at me, bro. Come at me.

Then there were ALL THE PEOPLE. All of Plano and Allen were at Hobby Lobby with me today. I just needed some stocking stuffers, but a quick trip turned into an hour and a half ordeal. I was going to get some picture frames (because why wouldn’t you, at 50% off?!?!) but that was a no-go because of the crazy amount of BOXES stacked so flipping high I couldn’t reach what was actually in-stock, on the shelves, let alone whatever was in the looming towers of re-stock inventory. I continued huffing and puffing and looking so hassled that the employee and I looked at one another with mutual annoyance. On I went, picture frame-less. Which is LOVELY, because now I get to spend full price somewhere else tomorrow morning (read: Target).

**Hair flip, eye roll, UGH!**

At last I got to one of 3 checkout lines that were open (serving the aforementioned bazillion patrons) and 20 minutes later the woman two people in front of me had approximately 47 receipts out, reading glasses perched at the end of her nose, and was now SCREAMING at the cashier. I had checked all 36 emails in my work inbox by this point and turned around to face the 15 people behind me, threw my head back, rolled my eyes (AGAIN!! Ugh!!!) and let out the loudest groan yet as I speedily wheeled my cart to another lane.

I really proved my point.

The cashier I got was going half the speed of smell, y’all. I’m sorry ma’am, but you really don’t need to comment on every single item I’m purchasing. I know it’s a cute key chain. That’s why I’m buying it!! How dare you try to make small talk and create a pleasant atmosphere for me when I am clearly put out and trying to get this show on the road?!

All this, and I open my purse to pay and my debit card is nowhere to be found.

Are you freaking kidding me.

I used my emergency credit card, which made me even more angry, because I HATE using that thing, and then called Chip and just started bawling on my way to the car. I was frustrated beyond belief. Chip called Bank of America and cancelled my card, bless that sweet man. I looked in the backseat an hour later and saw it laying where I had set it while I was pumping gas (I almost ran out again, you guys!!!) and was cleaning out the trash in the backseat.

You can’t even make these things up, y’all.

So now that my “true confessions of a bratty, grumpy mom” are over, I have a few things to highlight here.

1: I was wearing these flip flops today. And I have worn them about 27 times in the last 2 months. This morning started out at about 41 degrees when I walked out to the car, and I was sweating and cursing my puffy vest as I walked out of Hobby Lobby at 11:45. Texas, let me shake my fist at your rapid temperature changes. My point is, these are Crocs and they are so comfy and match every single thing I own. Also, my toes are so fabulously festive and I refuse to cover them up. Come Hell or high water, I am wearing these bad boys. Freezing rain? They’re on my feet. Wearing SO MANY layers and a blanket scarf? Yep, sandals on. these. feet.

I can’t be tamed.

2: I wish someone would have slapped me right across the face and told me to get over myself and spread joy and happiness instead of groans and eye rolls. I can’t stand when people are grumpy in public! And I was that person today!! UGH!!! Not only was I robbing myself of joy, I was robbing OTHERS of joy who had to come in contact with me.

Let this be a lesson to myself that no matter what is frustrating me I always have an option before me:

Choose Joy….. or don’t.

Today I didn’t and I didn’t live my full potential. And I learned from it. Tomorrow when I am out and about (look out Mesquite), no matter what frustrating things are happening, I will not go diva on everyone, (hello, Mariah Carey) but choose joy. I will be kind and understanding and patient. Instead of spreading eye rolls, I’ll smile at others and instead of answering emails in line I’ll strike up a conversation with those around me. Because you never know who has been put in your path for such a time as this.

Maybe that person behind you desperately needs someone to smile at them and ask them how their day is going.

Maybe the people in front of you just moved here from California (because ALL of California is moving here, #amiright?!) and they are feeling lonely for home and just need a friendly face to strike up a conversation and ask them how they’re settling in.

3 thoughts on “Temper Tantrums and Choosing Joy”

  1. Yep, I agree that he’s an amazing guy! But then again, you happen to be an amazing daughter as well! We praise God for blessing us with the best daughter in the world💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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