Catching up and New Years

I ran yesterday for the first time since Thanksgiving. Needless to say, it was rough. I only went 2.5 miles and I thought I was going to die for the majority of it.

I even ran/walked which I NEVER do. It doesn’t count **in my opinion**.

So I was on a speed walk portion when Taylor Swift came onto my playlist and was all, “Are you ready for it”? To which my inner feminist spoke out and shouted out, “YES!” and  proceeded to chuff along as fast as I could (which isn’t that fast, friends).

Then as the last few notes of the song played out, I started to slow down to a walk again when my music shuffled on over to this goodie:

My strong, independent woman, Scotch-Irish blood started flowing and I shouted out, “Your ancestors would finish this run strong!!!” So there you have it. It was a short run, but it was quite fierce with my inner monologues becoming me just shouting at myself on the 66 Bridge in Rockwall.

Nothing is boring in my life. Not even a quick run.

So it’s been a while since my last post! Happy New Year, my friends! There are a few reasons why I haven’t written in 22 days.

1: I didn’t really have anything to say, to be honest. I was at home for two weeks potty training a toddler who literally tested every. single. ounce. of. patience. I. have. (However, said toddler is potty trained **praise emoji hands** and now that we’re back into the normal schedule this week has turned a corner into being (mostly) hilarious and sweet.

This is the life, #amiright?!

Just a quick note that this little man was naked most of the break, so he could run into the bathroom at the drop of a dime. I’ve never been more excited to wash clothes in my life. SO MUCH Frank. Thank you God for big boy underwear and sweat pants.

2: The more days that passed, the more excuses I made to not write. The lies came in fast and loud:

  • It doesn’t matter.
  • What you’re saying and doing isn’t relevant and you should just hang it up now.
  • You’re so selfish to take time to do something for yourself. Don’t you see your house is a mess and there are other things you could be doing?

God brought people into my life over the past week or so to speak truth to me and it was louder than the lies:

  • It DOES matter. People need to hear real and authentic and need to connect with stories and to know they aren’t alone.
  • What I’m saying IS relevant. I can’t tell you how many of you have reached out and shared your own struggles, questions and anxieties with me since I started this blog. We all need to know we’re not alone!!! If I “hung up this blog” now, I would be missing so many opportunities to connect with people on such a real, honest basis. I would miss out on so much, because I’d miss out on YOUR stories and what YOU’RE sharing with me.
  • It’s actually not selfish to do things that fill my tank. It’s incredibly loving, truth be told. When I’m not doing things that are life filling for me as a wife, a mom, a co-worker and a leader, everyone in my life suffers. I am more irritable and short tempered. I feel bitter and upset that I’m just doing things for others and I’m never being filled, etc, etc. I get way too into my own head and I start having pity parties and I lose sight of how wonderful life is.

So, I’m back. I’ve missed you.

Here are some of the highlights over the last several weeks:

This is Paul. He is a Muskogee Goose and he is glorious. He has returned into my life, and I will tell you I am grateful and relieved.

Peter, Paul and Mary are the family of geese that arrive every winter and hang out on our land and in our pond. We literally can walk out back with stale bread and get a huge thrill by feeding them. I was just asking Chip when he thought they’d be flying in and then this Big Guy waddled up to me shortly thereafter. The jury is still out on Peter and Mary. I’m hoping they’re just late to this party.

My friend Cindy asked me how I know it’s the same geese from year to year and my first thought was, “well I just do!” and then I thought about it more and I realized it truly is a soul connection and I really have no clue if they’re the same, I can just feel it in my heart.

So there you have it.

#boymom updates:

Bob continues to be our little ray of sunshine. He is his father down to the last smile. Like Chip, he wakes up smiling and he goes to sleep smiling. He is utter and complete magic in every way.

Frank continues to be a mini-me. Crazy, eccentric, dramatic, hilarious, headstrong and an utter and complete wild card on any given day. Will he be happy and sweet and loving? Perhaps. Will be kick me as hard as he can in the face and scream and writhe on the floor for 45 minutes because he can’t have a lollipop? Maybe. You just never know. What IS guaranteed is that he is a roller coaster of emotion, he is a hoot and a half and he is a snuggle bug who loves fiercely. He is also 3 and a half and is the reason I always have wine at home.

Sorry to my Baptist friends. But a glass of Chardonnay goes a long way after a day of tantrums and potty training.

So. We’re all caught up. It’s a new year. Rachel Hollis says it like this: New Year, Do You.

Not: New Year, New You. It’s the same you. “You” hasn’t changed. But what you “Do” with yourself can and will change if you make the effort.

I toyed around with several “words” of the year. Last year my word was “humility” and let me tell you. Be careful when you pray for God to humble you. He will show up 365 days of the year for that one.

My mom got me this fabulous mug for Christmas. It’s a great reminder!

All this to say, I’m going to leave y’all with a little teaser for the post next week… I didn’t do a word this year.


I took it a step further and did a phrase. More on that (and all that comes with it) next week. I just wanted to touch base, catch up and maybe give y’all a few laughs. It’s going to be a great year…


1 thought on “Catching up and New Years”

  1. Loved the update and the goose! I didn’t do a word either…not my thing, but I have a great big fat phrase. Well, at least now I do, because I just typed that sentence. Can’t wait to connect more with you. Sorry for the verbal vomit at Christmas. Loved meeting you in person.


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